Bitcoin – What you want to know about it?

But last year Bitcoin increased its value more than 1500 percent and Many people start to wonder what it is all about. There are explanations and reports going around the System works in details, but the topic is a one, after studying them that men and women are back to square one. A group of individuals named the Bitcoin was devised by Satoshi Nakamoto System, what was outlined, the effort to set up a working money that was worldwide without involving the bank system for everyone. In your bank you deposit your money in your life of choice.


When you want to send cash to another person, you Do not send him or her -it is sent by you to their bank account transfer system. Many people realized that our banking system Is not that secure as it should be – that these people tried to make a means to transfer of the system. Your money is not deposited by you on an account of an Internet bank Which could fall in times that are bad; your cash is determined by an independent wallet. Heavily simplified, you are your own bank. You must search Bitcoin wallets; Using these services you get access to it. And these solutions offer you the option to change your Cash back and to bitcoin whether it is anything, Euro or Dollar.

They exhibit an amount of money that you have. These paper invoices confirm that you have that sum of money. And if your invoices are taken by you and put them Account, you will also find the amount – the lender confirms that you have that money. It is just an accounting system, nothing else. And here you can find Additionally, it is an accounting system. And in a government, the world, not a lender Confirms that you have that sum of money. That is in fact. But who takes really good care of my money if there’s absolutely no bank? It is as straightforward as that. Itself is checked by the system and it provides a Directory where each transaction is registered. This directory Cannot be manipulated or edited, it records The transactions within the system – your money is secure. Transfers over the Bitcoin system are they, and anonymous Go peer to peer – that only means that there’s not any intermediate step, from the wallet to another wallet, Before this year was that many the problem Bitcoin had People did not see it for a very long time as something that could be acceptable for the actual life.

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