Expert Feng Shui Consultations – Is This the Future?

Feng Shui has been growing for centuries. Having been trained At the Pyramid School founded by Nancie Wierda, which takes a decidedly scientific approach to its program, I also have continued to evolve and grow in my comprehension of the intricacies and depths of the discipline. Human behaviour and our comprehension of this is in continual flux, so it is only natural that this artwork that is based on the Five Elements found in nature should also continue on its path to the future. In a recent online discussion about our role as consultants, we all Agreed that our main aim was to lead our customers to become more conscious and intentional in using their spaces. From the study that I conducted before publishing my novel about bedroom feng shui, I came to the conclusion that there is far more to our relationship with our distances than we know on a conscious level.

The other important element of this conversation was that it was actually happening in real time, in a medium that we are all growing more accustomed to the internet. And what an excellent symbolism, thinking about the fact that in the Tao tradition that affects traditional feng shui consultation, the belief is that we are all connected. That becomes truer by the moment with the instant connections we could form with this burgeoning means of expression. In my early years of consulting, I was adamant about being in the area with my clients. The act of walking through a customer’s bedroom or office was as integral to the experience as asking questions and getting to know their aims and needs. In a few cases, as a means of helping clients at a distance, I was able to consult via photos and floor plans. This method never felt complete unless there were vast amounts of detailed floor to ceiling images, and several questions regarding the space already replied via email or phone. Subsequently technology came to my help, and the next advancement in my Feng Shui practice premiered. And I mean that in quite a literal manner.

Once I get the replies to some Feng Shui Element Test, usually via an Email before our consultation date, we are ready to jump in with both feet towards what I believe the future democratization of the conscious utilization of distance – the online consultation via that superb application named skype. Now, my eyes really take in the distance in much the same manner as being there in person. And, I am almost pleased to admit they see with much more attention what is happening in every Barua Quadrant. I can hone in like a zoom lens on a camera. The absolute best part of this new found method is that I can really Be part of the activities taken by the customer based on my leadership. This was the case with a current customer since I watched as she scurried all over her house off camera a few of the time to discover the items that would optimize each quadrant.

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