How Drug Treatment Centers are Beneficial for Addiction?

Without question, the current Law enforcement and government crackdowns on prescription pill supply in Florida have radically helped reduce the prices of overdose-related deaths. In actuality, it would appear that the recent crackdowns have gone way too far. Pharmacists state-wide appear to a lot of chronic pain sufferers to be abusing the power allotted to them in determining whether a prescription is valid and must be supplied.

Drug Treatment

A battle has erupted between physicians and pharmacists across Florida, and as uploads of any kind become harder for individuals to obtain, the tensions continue to grow. Based on suspicion alone, pharmacists are refusing legitimate patients their prescribed and desired medication, forcing local citizens in desperate and fair need of their drugs to travel from pharmacy to pharmacy consequently, often times being accused of ‘doctor shopping’.

Odds are much of the Resistance to disperse painkillers stems from fear. The DEA fined Walgreens 80 million in 2013 for permitting highly addictive narcotic painkillers such as oxycodone to achieve the black market. Cardinal Health, the pharmaceutical company that provided CVS, was also fined a total of 34 million for failing to track their own sales for suspicious action and search there weblink. To be able to avoid future penalties and negative media attention, pharmacies across Florida are restricting painkiller supply to an almost ludicrous level. However, doctors are finding themselves fighting for individual access to more narcotics less.

Interestingly enough, the Crackdown on painkiller dispersal has not only negatively affected those suffering from serious chronic pain and other medical ailments, but has also had a negative impact on people already afflicted with narcotic upload addiction. While drug treatment centres are widespread throughout Florida, many addicts remain unaware of the extensive options of addiction treatment available to them.

Those who were formerly battling prescription painkiller addiction will often times only resort to the cheaper and much more easily available option heroin. Admissions to addiction rehab centres for the main reason of heroin addiction have started to quickly increase across Florida as a whole. While danger of overdose in direct correlation to pharmaceuticals is high, the newly circulated, highly potent strains of heroin across the area have been responsible for much more overdose-related deaths over the course of the past year.

The main issue, of course, lies in the fact that lots of medical patients in desperate need of prescription painkillers do not have access to them. Doctors are working together to keep a happy medium between restrictive distribution and regulation, and have certainly done a nice job of increasing awareness but this is clearly only the beginning.

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